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Fun Day - Term 2 2014
Transport Theme - "Row row row your boat"
Grade R Reunion & Foam Party - 2014
Mini - Sports 2013
Fundraising 2012 / 2013
2012 - Neveah the Weekend Away raffle Winner
2013 - Our First Ever recipe book
Evette Rennie CEO of Ocean View Villas
Group Pic
Japanese Tsunami disaster fundraiser
Muzzamil Shaik 2nd Highest
Our Reward
Recipes made with Love
Zakiyah Joosab - Highest amount raised
Celebrating 100 days of Montessori 2013
When the Menagerie visited us 2013
Concert 2012
2nd place - The Maduray Family
3rd Place - The Bassa Family
Concert 2012 Invitation
Concert backdrop 2012 courtesy of Auto & General
Grade R boys 2012
Grade R girls 2012
Our concert table decor winner 2012 - The Joosab Family
Tehzeeb & Kallum
The cast of Grade R 2011 with their 4 awesome choreograhers
The sweet lil dancers - 2012 Concert
Mitchell Park Excursion 2012
Grade R Reunion 2012
Mini Sports 2012

It was a Colourful day

Welcome Everyone

Eager to get started...

Our Decadent Cupcake Sale

Our Decadent Cupcake Sale


Ex-pupils Zaakirah & Tamara lending a helping hand

2012 Mini-Sports Story Board

A winning smile from Muhammed Yahya
All our mums showed their Olympic spirit


Dads sprinting

Dress up Durban style ;)

Firdous Arbee sharing her special moment with Dad

Followed by the Grandmums

Grandmums cheering their little ones on...

Happiness... is Sunshine Coast Mini Sports

Harish getting a comforting hug from Dad

Lev and Aalok BFF
MotoGP Riders in training...

Mums sprinting down the track

Proud 4 yr old sprint winners

Strictly come walking Grandads


The Family Relay

Watch out Olympics, here comes Nevaeh

Yaayyy... we did it!

Yusra & Tehzeeb, proud as punch!
A Night of Montessori

Our little Montessorian helpers at A Night of Montessori

Jaiden & Kirrthana with the addition strip board

Shreya, Rhyah and Mayuri presenting the Farm activity

Team Caleb & Sohan presenting an extension of the geometric solids

Team Jihan & Treyden presenting odd & even numbers

Team Rida & Aqil presenting the constructive triangles

The Montessori Peace Prayer 1

The Montessori Peace prayer 2
Doing our bit for charity

Zakiyyah Joosab, the winner of the prestigious medal for collecting the highest amount

Muhammed Yahya Khan, second highest amount collected

Sohan Lakan, collected the 3rd highest amount

Muhummud Muzzamil Sheik collected the 4th highest amount

Josh Naidoo handing his toys over to 'Feed the babies charity'

The Sunshine Coast Montessori Team

Principal Ruwaida & Ayesha Sooliman wife of Dr. Imthiaz Sooliman founder of Gift of the Givers

Hugo Fauconnier donated clothes
Memories 2011

2010 Grade R Reunion @ our funky hair day

Dads also helped

Dance Rehearsals - chill out time

Dear ex - pupils Ronan; Berenice; Tamara & Karesse

Excursion to Moses Mabhida Stadium

Ex-pupils race

G-dads musical chairs

Mums assisting

Musical chairs with the G-Mothers

The rain did not deter anyone from enjoying the day

Mini -Chefs

The Catrobatz group with coach Helene
When Montessori was 100 years old

Everyone doing their 100 steps for Montessori with our beautiful banner made by Auto Colour

Yummy cupcakes baked esp for the 100 steps Montessori Anniversary by Ayesha Sadek

Children, parents and staff from S.C.M And Kamalinee who participated in the 100 steps walk

Close up of parents and staff participants from Sunshine Coast and Kamalinee pre-schools

Note the stones on the grass painted esp for the occasion by the grade R group

The middle group proudly wearing the necklaces they threaded with 100 fruit – loops

The ‘baby’ group holding their decoupage bottles filled with 100 1 cent coins painstakingly collected

Imraan - Leading the way 100 years for Montessori!




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