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These are a few of our favourite things at Sunshine Coast Montessori. Over the years, many close bonds have been forged with parents.
Wall of friendship - 2013 Comments:
We enjoy the activities, concerts and sports; the discipline and balance taught to the kids and the healthy eating principles. We value the relationship we have with the school. You guys are doing a great job, as our kids love going to school. - Veloshana Kaligan, parents of Caitlin.
We like that we are kept well informed about our child. - Muqsood and Farhana Hassim, parents of Nabeela
Sports Day was excellent and well planned. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all! - Nevash Moodley, parent of Dristan
Darcian showed lots of enthusiasm. Ruwaida and the teacher’s always display a warm learning environment. Sunshine Coast has helped Darcian to become more confident through positive re-inforcement. - Leevani and Selvan Pillay, parents of Darcian Pillay
Some of the wonderful moments we remember about Sunshine Coast are the 100 days of school celebration; our family theme moments; and the first time Simona-Lee came home and told us that she could write her name. - Mr and Mrs D. Gounden, parents of Simona-Lee Gounden
The sports day really stands out for us as we got to see our child interact with her friends. - Marilyn Hooblaul, parent of Ashraya Hooblaul
In the short time that Fuzail has been here, he has become so fond of school, especially of his teacher. - Tasleem Latiff Mum of Mohammed Fuzail
My daughter simply adores her school and her Principal in particular. She looks forward to everyday and each new activity – Rimona Ramadu parent of Shariya
Security is excellent, as well as communication between teacher and parent via the message file. Sunshine Coast has helped Aryan to develop his stages of growth. Thank so much for being patient with a very curious boy. - Avanti & Ashish Ramsunder, parents of Aryan Ramsunder
Thank you Sunshine Coast. You are incredible. Tianna has matured greatly. She has learnt a lot of activities; songs to remember; and learnt to interact with children her age. - Trever Naidoo, parents of Tianna Naidoo
Team spirit being instilled into the children through sports. Zakiyah’s excitement regards special craft projects like the family time capsule. Listening to her joyously talk about swimming and speech and drama, and noting how her confidence is increasing. Witnessing her making friends, and interact with children of diverse cultural and religious backgrounds, and learning to share at school. - Khathija Aboo & Fahim Ismail, parents of Zakiyah Ismail
A wonderful, beautiful and a little challenging year for Firdous. Overall, my experience with Sunshine Coast has always been awesome. Alhumdullillah, with a wonderful, caring, compassionate and understanding Principal, and her team, Sunshine Coast has definitely been the best environment for my precious little angel. Much appreciated. - Sadia Arbee, parent of Firdous Arbee
Sunshine Coast Montessori will surely be missed. I have seen the growth in Jazmin over the years. The school has brought out the best in our daughter. The sporting event was one of the most memorable. The baker activities have taught her responsibility and sharing. Well done to the staff of Sunshine Coast. - Christina & Jason Pillay parents of Jazmin Skyler
From his 1, 2, 3’s to his A, B, C’s, to his “Bad Fat Cat I see Aalok growing into a mature and more social young boy. So, in short, thank you very much for a job well done! - Vix & Leshana, parents of Aalok
The best treatment is always given to Saajidah. Keep up the good work. - Ahmed & Fahmida, parents of Saajidah Desai
Sunshine Coast Montessori school and staff create a positive learning environment for the children. Parents are always kept informed with regards to the child’s progress. The level of education is incomparable. - Saneesha Reddy, Parents of Kallum Reddy
The school is well managed, and the children receive a well-balanced education. - Melinie Nithiananthan, parent of Kesha Nithiananthan
We especially love the subtle change in the way Hafsa speaks. Definitely more well-spoken. - Mariam Joosab, parent of Hafsa Joosab
There are so many wonderful things to say about Sunshine Coast Montessori. We love the teaching methods, and the fact that healthy eating habits are maintained. Neveah is oh so willing and eager to wake up and go to school, even when she is sick. You guys have been tremendously wonderful and professional in everything you do. - Karen & Devan Maduray, parents of Neveah Maduray
Thank you for turning our “cry baby” into an independent, well-mannered, more intelligent boy, who loves going to school. - Ayesha parent of Muhammad Yahya Khan
Our favourite and most memorable thing about Sunshine Coast Montessori is the fact that Lev is super-ready for school. We love the manner in which the school is run – with efficiency. - Neetu, and Megan parents of Lev Govender
Our favourite thing about Sunshine Coast Montessori is the ever friendly and smiling teachers. Ruwaida is so efficient in handling any minor issue and ever willing to make the child comfortable. - Dilshaad Joosab, parent of Zakiyyah Joosab
The discipline, the smiling faces and the helpfulness of all the teachers. - Summaya, parent of Muaaz Hassim
The continuous teaching and learning environment, the positive and enthusiastic attitude of the Principal and staff, the manner in which the Principal and staff work with the parents. The term planner is given in advance, and there is a good coverage of the different themes. - Yvonne Chetty, parents of Allison Chetty
We are very happy about Sunshine Coast Montessori. We like the teachers, school environment, and teaching methods. We also love the way the children are received in the morning! - Drs. Lipi and Rais Russel, parents of Eaminul Islam Russel
My favourite things about Sunshine Coast Montessori: The cooperation and assistance during my son’s stay; allowing parents to participate, and involving them in events and activities; discipline and creating a firm foundation; amazed with the advancement of curriculum; updates provided weekly are very informative; safe and secure environment; attention to detail; huge improvement with my son! - Rooksana Shaik, parent of M. Muzzamil Shaik
A few our favourite things about Sunshine Coast Montessori: The way we were assisted with Qaylah during her tearful days, and the way in which it was dealt with; we love the professionalism and organisation of the school. Being able to manage so many students amazes us. Our experience at this school has been a memorable one. - Whaseela and Junaid Ahmod, parents of Qaylah
Wall of friendship - 2012 Comments:
The message in a bottle was an excellent idea. We done on every aspect of the concert. Keep up the great work, and thanks for always going the extra mile - Strini and Anusha Moodley, parents of Treyden Monday
An outstanding performance by both teacher's and children. Well done! Hats off to Ruwaida and Leonie for putting an amazing evening together. Keep it up always - Sharleen and Donervon Subramani, parent of Caleb Subramani
The invitation was a very interesting idea, which looked wonderful. The concert was thoroughly enjoyed, especially by my little one. The kids were excellent and brought everything together. They have done us proud. - Bilal and Sabah Khan, parents of Aqil Khan
The concert was very well done. The entire Montessori team did an excellent job. Niresh and myself was shocked to see Sohan dance and perform on stage, for the first time. The message in a bottle was a very good idea especially in keeping with the theme 'Under The Sea'. Thank you. We had a wonderful time to see all our little one's perform. A job well done - Seema and Niresh Lakan, parents of Sohan Lakan.
The concert was absolutely fantastic. It would have taken great effort to get the kids to do all that they did. The message in the Bottle was a great idea. The hall setup was great and fish bowl centre piece was awesome. Well done to all involved in the preparations - Ishaan and Farah Khan, parents of Johara Khan
The concert was a great success. I loved the item and the theme. The decor was beautiful. The invitation was very creative and decorative. The piece 'The Fish' was a brilliant idea. - Shaun and Loshnee Govinder, parents of Jaiden Govinder.
"Message in a Bottle " -. We think that it was original and definitely sounded like it came from the children.
"Concert and Graduation 2011" - Outstanding, fun and entertaining, informative as we got to see more of what our learning at school, in items like Catrobatz, Monkeynastics and ballet. The theme of the concert was unusual and it was the first time we attended a themed concert.
- Danjay and Vijeshna Parbhoodeen, parents of Johan Parbhoodeen
WOW!! It was one of the best concerts that I had experienced! We all truly enjoyed each and every moment of it. First I was a bit disappointed when Rida was left out of the first item, but it was ok. A super duper concert! Well done!! - Junaid and Saeeda Joosab, parents of Rida Joosab.
Wall of friendship - Mini-Sports 2009 Comments:
A BIG “THANK YOU” to all at Sunshine Coast, for a well co-ordinated, funfilled day – thoroughly enjoyed by Dhivian’s entire family. The ‘EXTRA’ effort & personal touch shown to all the children has been acknowledged and appreciated. Thank you Ruwaida!! - Drs Thiloshnee and Magesvaren Mudely parents of Dhivian
Incoporate all the parents in the sports, so that they will have to partake, no excuses! We enjoyed it this year, it was a success. Well done Sunshine Coast. - Nischal & Farhana Deoraj, parents of Jaudaan
It was Funtastic and very entertaining. Our family had a great day. It’s truly special memories like this with our kids that we won’t forget. Thanks for a great time. - Tina and Vic Gobrie parents of Zandrea
What exciting memories the children and parents will have after this well organized and fun-filled sports event. I am sure that all who were at the sports enjoyed every bit. OOPS, what about “Milan” he kept us all entertained and on our feet – a future wanna be champion. Thank you Sunshine Coast Team. - Sivi and Mervyn Govender parents of Tiara
Absolutely Funtastic. Everything went very well. Very impressive. Well done and keep it up Ruwaida & Team. - Razia and Shabir Bux parents of Juwairriyah
An exciting day for the entire family. Clearly a very well planned event. - Aneshree and Karthy Moodley parents of Taegen & Dinieka
Everything was fantastic – the weather, the attendance, the events. It was a funtastic day for us, especially with Vayren taking part as well as winning a pritt hamper!!! - Sande and Jay Naidoo parents of Vayren
Excellent sports day, especially the novelty races – Well Done. - Trudy and Bradley Naidoo parents of Ronan
A well planned event, congratulations on a well executed sports day! - Sonia E Silva mum of Nathanial
We were very impressed. Well done to the Sunshine Coast Team. - Samantha and Krish Reddy parents of Veashin
We had a fun day. Everything went off very well. Sohan is enjoying every bit of his pritt hamper. - Seema and Niresh Lakan parents of Sohan
Overall it was a fun-filled day. Well organized and lots of hard work was put in. Keep up the good work and well done to Ruwaida and the team. - Elton and Veloshana Kaligan parents of Tamara Jada
Fun-filled day. Nice variety of races. Very enjoyable. - Verusha and Sanjian Malapermal parents of Prayasta
Well Done to the Sunshine Coast Team. Enjoyable sports- enjoyed the family activities. Thank you for the teddy bear and hand towel, much appreciated gifts. - Shalana and Sanjeev Mohanlal parents of Rhyah
Very well organized. Well Done - Ritesh and Aristha Manick parents of Milan
Thank you to the Sunshine Coast Team for an excellent sports event. It was great to see so many new students and parents. Just one suggestion, have two family relay races as many parents want to participate in this event. Thank you once again Team. - Nevash Moodley mum of Karesse
Wall of friendship - Concert 2008 feedback:
Dear Ruwaida, as usual you and your team, (family included) have outdone yourselves. You have all once again made our kids look extra special. We were wonderfully surprised with the variety - Myan and Joshilla Veerappa, Parents of Tarun and Kiera
Completely blown over by the efficiency and the way each segment was done, WOW! WOW! WOW! - Aysha Sadek mother of Muhammad
Congrats Sunshine Coast Team on a splendid performance! Your show was fabulous! No hitches no glitches. Both Teachers and Kids worked very hard to achieve this. Well done all. I can only imagine what next year will be like!!! - Roshnee Jagtee parent of Dhiya Mishka
It was a beautiful concert. We enjoyed it. Thanks for all the hard work - Veloshana and Elton Kaligan parents of Tamara
The concert was far beyond our expectations and as parents we feel very proud to have made the choice to send Bianca to your school because the teachers commit themselves 100% .You have helped our child break out of her shell and become a confident young lady. Thank you and congratulations - Evelyn and Bronson Chetty, parents of Bianca
Your personal touch in each segment was very evident Ruwaida. We enjoyed it very much. A great success - Risha and Ukesh Ramdhan, parents of Karina
Superb, excellent, can’t wait for next year - Mariam Asmall mother of Mikha’eel
The time effort and dedication of the staff @Sunshine Coast Montessori is truly appreciated. The concert and graduation was a job well done! Keep it up! - Drs Thiloshnee and Magesvaran Mudely, parents of Dhivian
To the Sunshine Coast Team, well done to both the teachers and the little Montessorians for an excellent and entertaining performance - Suraj and Avashini Ramlagan, parents of Akshar
Everything was really lovely, the children,the food and the concert thank you - Fathima Vawda, mother of Ameera
Well Done, what an excellent performance by the kids. All your hard work has definitely paid off. I was really impressed by your choice of MC and Dr. A. Ramphal your guest speaker - Samantha and Collin Pather, parents of Jaden
It was phenomenal, absolutely great! It gets better every year – Thank you for all that you and your team do for our children – may you progress from strength to strength. Keep it coming! - Razia and Shabir Bux, parents of Juwairiyyah
Wall of friendship - Here are some of the parents comments with regards to how they viewed their child’s or childrens time with us at Sunshine Coast Montessori.
A family like environmentMrs Sameera Khan mother of Saahir, Sadia and Suhail
The marked absence of favouritismMiriam Khan mother of Tariq
The warm and happy welcome that parents receive from all the teachers when we arrive at school in the morningMr Deryk Ramiah dad of Laveenia.
The constant support and understanding through all the child’s milestonesTasnim Osman mother of Atiya and Zia.
Different cultures converging so positively Sharmin Kemraj mother of Johar Kemraj
The interesting Montessori concepts Mr and Mrs Sadek parents of Firdows and Muhammad
The teachers are genuinely pleasant and have instilled much confidence in Saajid who has really opened up with their patienceMrs Fatima Shaik grand mother of Saajid
The high standards that are set in the quality of teaching and imparting of knowledgeMrs Vino Naicker mother of Vianka
My child seems to enjoy himself. He loves his teachers and can’t stop talking about themMr Kamil Khan dad of Mikhail
Parents are always involved in important decision making issues Mr Stephen Khanye dad of Thabani
Good curriculum, helpful contacts and networking with specialists - Mrs Verusha Malapermal mother of Kirana and Prayasta.
Regular feedback given to parents about their child - Mr. Haroon Jadwat dad of Nabeel
Terribly organized, interesting and practical themes – Siksha Singh mother of Shayur
The swimming lessons, the excellent communication via the message book, the professional manner in which the school is runMr Shaun Bucktaraj dad of Tushaan
Safety measures at school. Our daughter loves coming to school, testament to the teachers and the environment she is exposed to Mr Myan Veerappa dad of Kiera and Tarun
Everything done at the school is always for the sake of the children and not to compete with other schools, thank you for that! - Mrs Rizwana Joosab mother of Ismaeel and Taskeen
Well organized 100 steps I really enjoyed itMelissa Reddy mother of O’shay
Good rules in place, children are well manneredKeserie mother of Kallem
The creative skills taught in art and all the parent child activitiesYuvonne mother of Priya
The vast array of extra curricular to choose from, my daughter loved it Yeshni mother of Mika
The independence that my daughter has been taught Risha Ramdhan
The Amazing attention to detail!Razia Suleman mother of Leeyah
My son and daughter are streaks ahead of their peers at their new school, thanks to the Montessori method and your teaching styleMunier Moosa dad of Saaliha and Umar


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